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Our Bike Tour Experience...

Niagara was made for biking. On a Zoom Leisure Tour, you'll visit cool, tree-lined streets dappled with sunlight, stately mansions with storied pasts, idyllic bike paths overlooking the river, and wineries nestled in picture-book settings with no hills to slow your pace.

No confining tour bus with its noise and fumes for you! You'll enjoy the liberating feeling of relying on nothing but your own power as you unwind amid the sights and sounds of a Niagara summer. Experience a delicious sense of freedom as your personal tour guide acquaints you with the must-see landmarks as well as the out-of-the-way treasures that the folks on the bus will never see. It's touring at its most intimate, and it's easy on the environment.

The pace will be relaxed. This is not the Tour de France. There will be plenty stops where you can meet the locals, taste our legendary icewines, and chat with your guide as he or she entertains you with tales of our beloved Niagara. Our guide staff includes teachers, published travel writers and other professionals who are both knowledgeable and have years of experience leading cycling groups.

Our fleet of bikes includes modern comfort cruisers for the ultimate in easy cycling, efficient hybrids for those wishing a more responsive mount, and road/race bikes for riders who will settle for nothing less than a thoroughbred.


Bringing the kids along? No problem as Zoom Leisure has a full selection of child seats, trailers, trail-a-bikes, and tandem bikes.

Zoom Leisure - Customized Group Bike Tours

With more than a decade in the cycling/hospitality business, Zoom Leisure's specialty is creating unique and stimulating custom tours. Our client list includes adventure tour operators, multi-national corporations, leading conference planners, and universities as well as families and friends simply looking for a little quality time on a bike in the sunshine.

Whether your group wants to stop and smell the flowers or enjoy a multi-day fitness workout on our carbon fibre racing bikes, our bike-tour specialists can design a program tailored specifically to meet their needs. For groups interested in cycling their way to fitness, our guide staff includes both bike builders and bike racers. If you'd prefer to slow down and learn a little about our town and our wine region, several of our guides are published travel/wine writers who will bring your group up close and personal with our captivating region, its history and its celebrated wines.

Fresh air, the hum of your tires on the bike path, good friends and the tantalizing promise of fine wine around the next just doesn't get any better than that.

At Zoom Leisure, we'll show your group the good life, Niagara style!