MacKenzie Heritage Printery


Heritage printing equipment
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The Mackenzie Printery:

  • is Canada's largest operating printing museum, devoted to displaying historic presses covering more than 500 years of the letterpress printing era;
  • was the former home of "responsible government," where firebrand editor William Lyon Mackenzie began his publishing career with his newspaper, the Colonial Advocate, dedicated to political reform;
  • contains Canada's oldest press circa 1770. The Louis Roy Press was used to print Upper Canada's first newspaper, the Upper Canada Gazette or American Oracle, in 1793 at Newark, Ontario's first capital, now Niagara-on-the-Lake;
  • was reconstructed from ruins by The Niagara Parks Commission, the home of William Lyon Mackenzie was opened in 1938 by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, Mackenzie's great grandson; and
  • features an informative display on William Lyon Mackenzie's home.