The School of Restoration Arts at Willowbank Heritage Estate


14487 Niagara Parkway
(905) 262-1239


At Willowbank, a rare and beautiful 19th century estate is the setting for an innovative educational and training program in heritage conservation. The two come together in a living, learning and working environment that celebrates the preservation of our cultural and historical legacy. On the grounds and within the early 19th Century mansion, visitors discover restoration-in-action, as they view the site's rich archaeology, architecture and landscape undergoing research and treatment. The School's full-time program involves students and 50 plus faculty members, and its educational outreach extends far into the community through lecture programs and conferences. Community events-from jazz festivals to a harvest ball, weddings to village picnics-grace the grounds today as they have for centuries.

Willowbank is open for tours May through August, and by appointment from September through April.

Through Friends of Willowbank, members can become involved in Willowbank's rich and varied activities. Volunteers help plan and organize events, participate in site activities such as archaeology and landscape restoration, and contribute in other ways related to each person's interest and talents.

To learn more about membership in Friends of Willowbank, Fall/Winter Lecture Series or Willowbank's academic program visit: