RiverBrink Art Museum


Visit RiverBrink Art Museum and experience fine art in a unique setting. The museum is housed in the former country home of Samuel E. Weir, and the year-round exhibition schedule includes both historical and contemporary art. Visitors may also enjoy browsing through the art reference library located on the lower level, and exploring the gift shop which features work by local artists and artisans.
Located midway between Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake on the beautiful Niagara Parkway, RiverBrink is a site where art and history intersect. Close by the museum is the historic village of Queenston and Queenston Heights National Historic Site. A stroll through the village takes visitors past local attractions such as the School of Restoration Arts at Willowbank, Laura Secord House and the McKenzie Printery.
(905) 262-4510
116 Queenston Street