An 1812 Officers' Dinner

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An 1812 Officers' Dinner
March 2, 2018

Loosely based on the War of 1812, the event premise is set upon an officers' mess dinner in which all attendees are given a rank. These ranks create the lively table atmosphere, which is governed by the "Rules of Decorum for the Officers' Mess". These rules also form the basis for much of the interactive entertainment as blatant breaking of the rules could result in a featured role with the mess stocks. Other volunteers are brought forward for the reading of the rules, demonstrating the mess hunting horn and reenacting the Battle of Queenston Heights. All of the participatory fun is neatly placed between courses. During actual dining times, live music is provided.

Limited number of tickets available. The cost is $120 per person. Call the Friends of Fort George at 905-468-6621 or email to reserve your spot now. 

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