Pieza Paisa (Pizza)



Reservations not required


Our pizzas are made in a VPN-certified ACUNTO wood-fired oven, custom-made in Napoli, Italy. We respect the recipe of the VPN Association using a very simple, historic recipe which includes 'oo' flour (GMO-free), purified mineral water, single variety yeast amd sea salt with natural fermentation process. Our toppings are locally and ethically-sourced or personally imported from Italy when unavailable in Niagara.

Vera Pizza Napoletana is a movement that led to the creation of an Association whose goal is to promote and protect the name and product Pizza Napoletana; a style of pizza and tradition found in Naples. The Vera or Verace, means true, genuine or real. As a signature food of Naples, Neapolitan pizza was recently given the distinction of D.O.P. - a branch of the Italian government committed to preserving the exquisite quality and autheticity of certain regional foods and wines.