Mind over Clutter


Mind over Clutter specializes in helping residential and office clients become more productive and less stressed by clearing possessions and streamlining systems.

If you are a residential client Mind over Clutter can assist you with a move, clearing clutter and reorganizing your space.

Office clients will benefit from streamlined filing systems, workspaces and time management planning.

Corporations and event managers can access presentations on Conquering Office Overload, S.P.A.C.E. ,Over Whelmed Over Stressed? and M.I.N.D.

Virtual organizing services allow the client to work on organizing their space on their timetable.  An initial consultation through Skype or the exchange of photos through e-mail gives Julie the information to develop a plan of action for the client.  Follow up appointments are arrange to help the client stay on their organizing schedule and support them as needed.



About Us

Our staff will help you find the right property for your visit to our lovely town, and are committed to making your stay perfect in every respect. We will help you:

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