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For centuries, vinegar has been used worldwide to flavor and preserve the most delicious of foods, and the positive impact of this elixir on health is very well documented. The delicate vinegars of ACETO NIAGARA are produced using only the finest fruits of the Niagara Peninsula. The farm land of Niagara is very well known for producing superior tender fruit and the world famous Icewine. It is imbedded between Lake Ontario and the Escarpment creating a very favorably macroclimate for all kinds of tender fruits. We here at ACETO NIAGARA keep close ties with the local farmers to ensure that only the best fruit is finding its way into our products.

These fruits are first fermented by us into wine and then undergo a second slow fermentation process to transform the alcohol into acetic acidity. We believe that our special slow acetic fermentation process will produce a much higher quality product in terms of aroma and taste, compared to the speedy industrialized fermentation used by most of our competitors.

It can take up to several years to craft the perfect vinegar.

All our products are produced without any artificial flavors, preservatives or any other kind of additives. "100% natural from the farms of Niagara!"

ICEWINE ACETO is a non alcoholic beverage made from genuine Icewine. It is mellowed and aged for years in French oak barrels. It can be enjoyed as a stimulating aperitif, as a relaxing digestive after a good meal, or as a delicious compliment to desserts, fine cakes and pastries. Icewine Aceto drinks may also be used to flavor the finest of gourmet foods. It is our commitment to preserve and enhance the wonderful flavors of Icewine and Niagara fruit in our exquisite vinegar products!