Small Talk Vineyards


Now here's something new and different, and it's the talk of the town.

The Hunse family are thrilled to introduce you to their newly re-branded Small Talk Vineyards (formerly Stonechurch Winery).

Small Talk celebrates the chitchat that surrounds a typical dinner party. Better yet, Small Talk wines have the audacity to expose the difference between what you say and what you might be thinking at a social gatherings.

Small Talk's nine dinner-centric wines feature names like RSVP, For The Host, Faux Pas, Burning Ambition, Good Night, Recap and Dessert Anyone? Each wine is certain to cause a stir at your next get together, and they are certain to stimulate a lively conversation.

Cheese from local Ontario fromageries served in tasting room.

Dinner parties will never be the same again!